For all the services that we provide, we will have a pre-meet to discuss your needs and requirements.

Trial days/sleepovers are also available and advisable so we can see how everyone gets on.


You will be required to fill in a comprehensive booking form. Please be totally frank and complete in as much detail as possible, detailing, for example, any likes/dislikes, any fears, pulling on the lead, recall etc. This gives us a better understanding of your pet.


We will endeavour to provide you with the same boarder once a bond has been established as this gives you and your pet a continuation of care and is less disruptive for everyone.

We are able to collect and drop off, there is no extra charge for this.
We will need to see that your animals' vaccinations, worm and flea/tick treatments are all up to date (including proof of their Kennel Cough nasal droplet vaccine).


Whilst boarding with Surrey Pet Care your dog will also wear one of our ID tags, as this is requested by law.

Boarding and comfort visits require a 25% non-refundable booking deposit paid at the time of booking to secure your service. The full balance is then due 14 days before commencement of the service.

Doggy Day Care


Doggy Day Care is ideal if you have to work all day or would just like a day out, you can rest assured knowing your dog will be having lots of fun, stimulation, enjoyment and cuddles at the centre.

Collection is between 8.30 - 9.30am, there is no extra charge for this.

We can follow any usual feeding/medication routines if you require. 


Dogs are then returned home between 3.00pm - 4.00pm approximately. 

Day care takes place at our local, fully enclosed 16 acre private paddocks and fields, where Surrey Pet Care has sole use of the land.

Here the dogs that board and full day care dogs have lots of fun socialising, playing ball, on the agility course or just relaxing and having cuddles.

Fresh running water is available at all times so in warmer weather we fill up the paddling pools so the dogs can have a dip and cool off.

The heated purpose-built barn and enclosures mean we can all shelter and relax from the elements, whether hot, cold or wet!  Dogs can be separated if ever needed to and have a snooze if they wish - ideal for older dogs and puppies.


The coded entry gate and security boundary fencing means it is totally safe and secure for all dogs to be exercised off lead.

It is a fantastic location and area for Surrey Pet Care to safely walk and exercise your dog.


We do also, at times, walk on Bookham, Effingham, Norbury Park, Polesdan Lacey, Sheepleas and Ockham woods to name a few places!


Whether you work full time and require a regular dog day care service, we are committed to helping you and providing your dog with exercise, fun and enjoyment. We go out regardless of rain or shine and know that a well exercised and tired dog is a happy dog which results in happy owners!


We are as flexible as we can be, a quick text is the best way to get hold of us, to either book or cancel care. However, we do have limited spaces which get booked up very quickly - so the more notice given for bookings or cancellations is preferred.


Dogs are transported in our vans which have bespoke fitted crates by Barjo and fans/ventilation so the dogs can travel in complete comfort. 


Upon return, muddy paws are wiped, water bowls re-filled and a treat given, if required, and your dog is left happy for an afternoon nap.

You will be invoiced at the end of each month for day care services. You can pay either by cash or bank transfer. Payment is required within 14 days of being invoiced. Please note that late payment incurs a £12 fee.

Dog Boarding

Our dog boarding service offers an alternative to kennels. Your dog will be well looked after in a comfortable, safe and dog-friendly home, either Emma's or Rebecca's and Declan's. They can bring all their home comforts too! Daily walks and play at the day care centre are included in the price.

Please note: We only board dogs that attend doggy day care on a regular basis. This way the dog becomes familiar and happy with all of us and our routine and we get to know them - making their stay a lot more enjoyable and settled for all involved.


Boarding this way really is home from home, your dog can maintain his usual routine and have lots of fun too.


You will need to bring your dog's food as all dogs have different nutritional needs and changing food suddenly is likely to cause stomach upsets.


Dogs are usually picked up/dropped off during the normal morning/afternoon rounds.


We have crates in different sizes and plenty of vet bedding, but you are very welcome to bring things from home that your dog likes and is used to.


Please note that we cannot accept bitches in or due in season, entire males over 1 year old or dogs suffering from Kennel Cough or any other highly contagious illness.

Comfort Visits


Comfort visits are available for all pets: cats, rabbits, chickens, fish and dogs, including young puppies and elderly dogs.

During a 15 minute visit we can carry out such care as:

  • Letting in garden

  • Love and cuddles

  • Feeding/changing water

  • Cleaning bowls

  • Cleaning litter tray and any accidents

  • Giving medication

  • Watering plants

  • Opening/closing curtains

  • Picking up post

  • Rubbish out

  • Lights turned on

  • Basic security check to house


Doggy Day Care. Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4pm

First dog - £32. Extra dog per household - £22.

Doggy Day Care and Overnight Boarding (8.30am - 8.30am).

First dog - £40. Extra dog per household - £22.

Overnight Boarding only - no day care  (4.30pm - 8.30am)

First dog - £32. Extra dog per household - £22.

Comfort Visits. Monday - Friday  
15 minute visit - £10

Evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays
15 minute visit - £15

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years day all double rate.

Bank Holidays incur an addtional £10.